OSGA Thematic Research Clusters & Hubs

OSGA Thematic Research Clusters

The Oxford School of Global and Area Studies aims to nurture its vibrant research environment and encourage collaboration between academics working on different Areas. The Research Clusters are at the heart of the OSGA Research Strategy: they represent an important component of OSGA Research Culture, valuing our people and our community.  

Our Thematic Research Clusters aim to increase the impact of research beyond academia.  In particular, their goals are: 

  • to collaborate at the leading edge of social science research on areas and regions 

  • to make research accessible to a wide audience, and involve policy makers, professionals, businesses and the general public (civil society) in their work 

  • to increase the impact of OSGA research through interdisciplinary, international and inter-sectoral collaboration. 

The clusters also operate as a space for peer-reviewing work-in-progress, co-authoring outputs, working together on preparing grant applications, planning future conference organisation, developing impact case studies, and devising fresh departures in collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary research. 

Additionally, our Thematic Research Clusters organise rounds of thematic workshops aimed to identify novel, interdisciplinary, international, and inter-sectoral collaborations. 

If you are interested to get involved in our next round of thematic workshops, please contact the Research Manager